The Innovator Pathway

Phase 1

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Idea Generation

  • Identify a problem / need / opportunity.
  • Brainstorm creative solutions.
  • Outline the core idea and its key basic elements.

Bring the idea to the HiiP team to initiate collaboration on the innovation process.

Phase 2

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  Idea Development & Refinement  

  • Conduct customer discovery.
  • Conduct competitive benchmarking (if applicable).
  • Develop detailed concept(s) for idea.
  • Test feasibility.
  • Review and refine concept(s).
  • Develop prototype of  how idea will be represented to the target. 

Work with HiiP innovation coach to develop, refine and optimize idea and assess feasibility.

Phase 3

Business Planning & Execution

  • Develop business case.
  • Identify investment funds, if needed, to underwrite development / launch.
  • Produce program / process / product.
  • Produce any needed marketing materials.

Create business plan / innovation / supportive materials for launch with HiiP.

Phase 4

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Launch / Promote / Monitor

  • Launch the innovation to intended target.
  • Generate awareness of and create interest in the innovation.
  • Monitor launch efforts and adjust as needed.

Celebrate your success!

Then set up system/metrics for progress checks on the innovation’s launch.



“This innovation pathway has helped me in three important ways:

1. I have come to appreciate the value of my ABC innovation; 2. I have learned to translate my 'static' product into action with the help of Ann Fitzsimons; and 3. I feel personally valued in this process. I could not have brought my ABCs to the public without becoming involved in this nursing innovator cohort.”

Carol J Boyd, Ph.D., RN, FIAAN, FAAN