Building Student Engagement

Introducing Our New U-M School of Nursing Student Innovation Ambassadors Cohort

A warm welcome to our new cohort of UMSN Student Innovation Ambassadors for 2021-2022.  These students have expressed an interest in learning more about nursing innovation and importantly, have stepped up to take on some of the activities the school is/will be undertaking to help nurture a culture of innovation among our world’s future Nurses.

As part of this Ambassador group, these students will help HiiP figure out how to promote innovation among our up-and-coming nursing students; plan, organize, design, and execute the school’s first student-lead Nursing Hackathon, which is being planned for Fall 2021, and more.

If you are a student who wants to:

  • Think outside the box about solutions to complex healthcare problems
  • Build your resume with a unique leadership experience
  • Network with peers and faculty about nursing innovation
  • Plan a student-lead Nursing Hackathon for Fall 2021

Please contact Michelle Munro-Kramer, our Faculty Lead for HiiP’s Student Engagement/Student Ambassadors, at

WELCOME, Innovation Ambassadors!

Emily Jones

“Nursing Innovation brings to mind a culture where the dynamics of each individual nurse’s practice and the innate curiosity of nurses to seek and understand every facet of the human experience come together. Inevitably, they spark a change in each life they have the privilege of interacting with.”

— Emily Jones, Student Innovation Ambassador Co-Lead


Erika Folbe

“What innovation means to me is being able to grow, change, and better the set standard. Innovation is important because without it we are stagnant.”

— Erika FolbeStudent Innovation Ambassador Co-Lead

Isabelle Frank

“Nursing innovation is an opportunity for nurses to have a voice about improving patient care. Nurses are at the forefront of care, and therefore, see many ways care can be improved, but don't always have a way to implement those improvements. Learning how to innovate while still in school gives nurses the tools to provide better patient care.”

— Isabelle Frank

Katie Gillette

 “Nursing innovation means reaching beyond the barriers of what we know and creating something new. Innovation takes perseverance and hard work, but in the end progresses our advancements in society.”

— Katie Gillette

Kayla Jacobson

“The role of a nurse is a dynamic one. Without innovation, the job becomes ineffective.” 

— Kayla Jacobson

Linnea Brunvand

“Innovation gives nurses the opportunity to make a unique impact on health promotion by fostering divergent thinking that supports creation of tools for safer and more efficient healthcare."

— Linnea Brunvand

Adam Mobry

“Innovation is the foundation for which our profession is built. Nursing innovators save lives, improve patient outcomes, and have a vested interest in forging a new status quo.”

— Adam Mobry