Building Student Engagement

Introducing Our New U-M School of Nursing Student Innovation Ambassadors Cohort

A warm welcome to our new UMSN Student Innovation Ambassador leaders for 2022-2023.

These students have expressed an interest in learning more about nursing innovation and importantly, have stepped up to take on some of the activities the school is/will be undertaking  to help nurture a culture of innovation among our world’s future nurses.

As part of this Ambassador group, these students help HiiP work to promote innovation among our up-and-coming nursing students; provide feedback on what nursing students need/desire when it comes to innovation at UMSN; plan, organize, design, and execute some of our student-centric activities like the We Dare Challenge, Lunch & Learn Innovation series, and more. 

If you are a student who wants to:

Think outside the box about solutions to complex healthcare problems

Build your resume with a unique leadership experience

Network with peers, mentors, and faculty about nursing innovation

Plan student-facing events related to innovation

Please contact Michelle Munro-Kramer, our Faculty Lead for HiiP’s Student Engagement/Student Ambassadors, at

WELCOME, Innovation Ambassadors!


Linnea Brunvand

— Linnea Brunvand

U-M School of Nursing, BSN Student

“Innovation gives nurses the opportunity to make a unique impact on health promotion by fostering divergent thinking that supports creation of tools for safer and more efficient healthcare."

Kristin Clements

— Kristin Clements, RN, BSN

U-M School of Nursing, MSN Student 

“Innovation gives nurses opportunity.” 

Hanna Slawson

— Hannah Slawson

U-M School of Nursing, BSN Student

“Nursing innovation is the future of our healthcare system. Without innovation, where are we going, and how are we moving forward?"


Becky Williams

— Becky Williams, RN, BSN, BS

U-M School of Nursing Ph.D Student 

"Innovation is necessary for any field, but more than ever is vital to the field and the future of nursing."


Thank you Student Innovation Ambassadors!

We thank our Student Innovation Ambassadors for their commitment to the following activities conducted under their leadership and guidance over the past two years: 

  • Recruitment of several new Student Innovation Ambassadors who were onboarded this year and of the participants for the Innovate 4 Change Hackathon through tables at UMSN Welcome Week and FestiFall on main campus, pitches to student organization meetings, word-of-mouth, etc.; 
  • Designing, planning, and executing the school’s inaugural Innovate 4 Change Challenge which resulted in 70 registered students (nursing and from across the 18 colleges/schools on campus) for a total of a final seven teams comprised of about 40 students pitching at the event; 
  • Preparing and submitting a Proposal which was accepted and presented at Research Day through a collaborative effort among the Ambassadors; and 
  • Providing guidance on key student-centric priorities for HiiP as input into our 2022-23 Strategic Plan.