Current & past international visiting scholars


Scholars include participants in UMSN's Visiting Scholars program and UMSN's Strengthening NCD Research and Training Capacity in Thailand program.

2017-2018 scholars

Yi Zhou
School of Mathematical Science, Fudan University, Shanghai, China
Visiting scholar from July 1, 2017 to September 15, 2017
Mentor: Ivo Dinov

Zhao is a student of applied mathematics at Fudan University. She is interested in the use of statistics and data science to further health research objectives. Her project at UMSN is to examine how data mining can be used to predict emerging disease patterns, particularly Alzheimers. She expects to complete her Bachelor in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics in July 2018. She is active in cultural department of the Student Union at Fudan University, and enjoys sports, dance marathon, painting and photography.

Past visiting scholars 2008 - 2017

  • Ms. Pimrat Thammaraksa (Thailand) -- Collaborated with her mentor to develop an intervention program to prevent multiple risk behaviors in male secondary school students.

  • Mr. Shambel Tarko Shiferaw (Ethiopia) -- Created a partnership between the University of Michigan School of Nursing and Aksum University in Ethiopia.

  • Ms. Nittaya Sukchaisong (Thailand) -- Created a program to help modify behaviors in patients with uncontrolled diabetes.

  • Ms. Jiachen Xu (China) -- Participated in the compressive big data analytics and inference (CBDA) project.

  • Dr. Ying Zhao (China) -- Focused on prenatal depression screening and psychological intervention in high-risk pregnancies. Dr. Ying Zhao was here as part of the donor-funded DeVries China Nursing Leadership Fellowship Fund.

  • Ms. Chunxia Liu (China) -- Researched U.S. hospice and palliative care programs. She was here as part of the donor-funded DeVries China Nursing Leadership Fellowship Fund.

  • Dr. Moonhee Gang (South Korea) -- Researched factors related to Korean women who seek support for mental health compared to Korean immigrant women in the United States.

  • Dr. Younhee Jeong (South Korea) -- Worked with Dr. Holden who was her Ph.D. advisor focusing on mechanisms of neuropathic pain.

  • Dr. Alain Mukwege (Democratic Republic of Congo) -- Worked with the Pelvic Floor Research Group at the School of Nursing.

  • Ms. Unraun Kaewphinit (Thailand) -- Focused on depressive symptoms among caregivers of persons with traumatic brain injury (TBI).

  • Dr. Khadizah binti Haji Abdul Mumin (Brunei Darussalam) -- Explored adolescent’s experiences of social issues and how they might affect their reproductive and sexual health.

  • Dr. Sayonara de Fatima Barbosa (Brazil) -- Studied how social media can foster professional connections and promote timely communication with patients and family members.

  • Dr. Boeun Kwon (South Korea) -- Studied cultural differences in nursing interventions between South Korea and the U.S.

  • Ms. Nootchayong Yaowapanon (Thailand) -- Studied the identification and development of community care models for stroke survivors.

  • Ms. Naoko Uemura (Japan) -- Studied cultural difficulties experienced by pregnant Japanese immigrants in the Detroit area and used this information to conduct a cross-cultural study of women.

  • Ms. Angelica Hao (Taiwan) -- Studied medical informatics and audited courses in nursing theory and research.

  • Ms. Fu-Mian Tsai (Taiwan) -- Conducted independent research on chronic kidney disease (CKD) and audited courses in nursing theory and research.

  • Mr. Luiz Sanches (Brazil) -- Completed a heuristic evaluation of a Brazilian healthcare technology and submitted several manuscripts for publication.

  • Mr. Mohamad Baydoun (Lebanon) -- Conducted a clinical practicum and studied patient safety and quality measures.

  • Dr. Zhiwen Wang (China) -- Studied social cognition among elderly patients as well as the use of nursing research in baccalaureate nursing curricula in China. She was here as part of the donor-funded DeVries China Nursing Leadership Fellowship Fund.

  • Ms. Yu-mei Sun (China) -- Studied physical assessment of older patients as well as the introduction of nursing research in master's-level nursing curricula in China. She was here as part of the donor-funded DeVries China Nursing Leadership Fellowship Fund.

  • Dr. Yuan-Mei Liao (Taiwan) -- Conducted research on continence disorders in women and participated in ongoing incontinence prevention and management interventions.

  • Ms. Cigdem Yucel (Turkey) -- Continued her research on obstetric and women’s health nursing and the childbirth process.

  • Ms. Jeeraporn Kummabutr (Thailand) -- Studied adolescent life skills development and designed interventions for parents and children that seek to build life skills. She completed four manuscripts which she hopes to publish in Thailand, as well as collected and analyzed data for her doctoral dissertation.

  • Dr. Feng Hui (China) -- Studied community health nursing teaching methods and curriculum development in order to bring best practices back to her home university. Also reviewed models for community health nursing practice and evaluation mechanisms for community health programs.

  • Ms. Suwwattana Kerdmuang (Thailand) -- Completed several courses in nursing and occupational health and safety. Also designed and implemented a research study identifying occupational health nursing competencies among Thai nurses working in primary care.

  • Ms. Sandra Patricia Platas Avendano (Mexico) -- Advanced her undergraduate studies and explored her interest in chronic disease research; including diabetes, obesity and hypertension.

  • Ms. Marianne Nieuwenhuijze (Netherlands) -- studied birth tape transcripts to explore birth positions and glean instructions given to women from their health providers.

  • Dr. Janya Chareonsuk (Thailand) -- Studied the factors that predict sexually risky behavior in adolescents.

  • Dr. Hye-Ryoung Kim (Korea) -- Studied chronic disease and related risk factors in the Korean elderly community at a time when the South Korean elderly population and the prevalence of chronic diseases are increasing.

  • Dr. Eun Joo Lee (Korea) -- Focused on efforts to improve nursing effectiveness, nursing classification systems, nursing shortages, and patient safety in Korea.

  • Ms. Lawan Singhasai (Thailand) -- Developed an intervention program designed to promote healthy eating and physical activity among overweight and obese school-aged children in Thailand.

  • Ms. Warunee Meecharoen (Thailand) -- Studied quality-of-life predictors for family caregivers of advanced-stage cancer patient.

  • Dr. Esther Gallegos (Mexico) -- Learned about multidisciplinary approaches to research in chronic illnesses with intention to draft preliminary ideas for a collaborative research project that may be submitted to the Fogarty International Center.

  • Dr. Maria Helena Larcher Caliri (Brazil) -- Researched methods for adapting intervention protocols for PU prevention at health institutions using a systems view and developed collaborative research partnerships.

  • Ms. Feng-Lien Lin (Taiwan, ROC) -- Explored theories and research methodologies related to patient safety and nursing care quality.

  • Ms. Piyanun Limruangrong (Thailand) -- Researched the effect of self-regulation programs on knowledge, self-care activities, blood glucose level, and pregnancy outcomes of pregnant women with gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM).

  • Ms. Soontaree Jianvitayakij (Thailand) -- Researched smoking cessation in adult smokers, focusing on determining the predictive factors influencing long-term smoking cessation.

  • Ms. Sudarat Pianchob (Thailand) -- Researched the adjustment made by families of patients with major depressive disorders.

  • Dr. Sunghee Kim (Korea) -- Worked to develop a health promotion program and a health promotion center for middle school students in Korea.

  • Dr. YuYu Jiang (China) -- Researched changing the behavior of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

  • Cigdem Yucel (Turkey) -- Studied clinical simulation models for obstetric and gynecologic care and collected data for her doctoral thesis on obstetric nursing in Turkey.

  • Martha Ofelia Valle Solis (Mexico) -- Took courses in health promotion/risk reduction and research methodologies. Collected data on HIV/AIDS prevention among at-risk Latino and Mexican youth.

  • Nuttanicha Baiya (Thailand) -- Studied health behaviors in adolescents with congenital heart disease (CHD) and collected data relevant to her doctoral thesis.

  • Wan-Ru Wu (Taiwan) -- Worked with Dr. Lisa Kane Low on issues surrounding maternity nursing in Taiwan.

  • Siriluck Kaewsriwong (Thailand) -- Studied sensory stimulation for persons with a traumatic brain injury (TBI).

  • Swakhon Tongdornbom (Thailand) -- Focused on factors influencing self-management in diabetes patients.

  • Yanhui Lio (China) -- Studied developments in the field of Nursing, compared nursing work, research, and education environments in the U.S. and China, and focused on elder care in a community setting.

  • Natchaya Palacheewa (Thailand) -- Focused on school-based smoking cessation programs for adolescents in her native Thailand.

  • Dr. Hai-Ou Xia (China) -- Dr. Hai-Ou Xia was here as part of the donor-funded DeVries China Nursing Leadership Fellowship Fund.

  • Yi Jin (China) -- Yi Jin was here as part of the donor-funded DeVries China Nursing Leadership Fellowship Fund.

Strengthening NCD Research and Training Capacity in Thailand visiting scholars

“Fogarty International Training Program for Strengthening Non-Communicable Research and Training Capacity in Thailand” is a 5-year National Institute of Nursing Research (NINR)/Fogarty-supported program. It offers a varied and integrated training plan in nursing, interdisciplinary, and health systems research aimed at improving prevention, primary care, and long-term chronic disease management.

Meet the trainees in this program.