Financial aid opportunities

The University of Michigan School of Nursing recognizes that navigating financial aid can be challenging. In order to maximize the financial support that may be available, we encourage students to explore all types of financial aid, including university-level, private and U-M School of Nursing options.


U-M financial aid

The U-M Office of Financial Aid (OFA) is the central source for information on major sources of university-level financial aid including scholarships, loans, grants and work-study employment programs.  This office should be every student's first point of contact when thinking about how to finance their Michigan education. When a student applies for aid, OFA uses information provided by the FAFSA and/or CSS profile to calculate expected family contribution and thus your eligibility for university-level, need-based aid programs. Please refer to the OFA website for aid application instructions and guidelines.



Aid Type
Opening Date
CSS Profile
(U-M Office of Financial Aid)
October 1
March 31
(U-M Office of Financial Aid)
Available in December
March 31



The U-M School of Nursing is committed to assisting students with their education expenses by offering grants, scholarships and by participating in a number of state and federal scholarship and loan programs. It should be recognized that the school is limited by the availability of funds and funding sources. Eligibility requirements and application process/time line will vary and often depend upon academic program, scholarly achievement and demonstrated need.


In addition to funding provided by the U-M Office of Financial Aid, students may be eligible for additional support through School of Nursing scholarships, government-supported programs and education/research grants. Learn more about these opportunities.


Private Sources

Privately funded scholarships are sometimes available to students through corporate, professional, trade, government, civic, religious, social and fraternal organizations. To help connect students with these potential aid opportunities, OFA provides resources for finding and applying for private scholarships.

Government-supported programs

Employment opportunities list managed by U-M Financial Aid

Travel support and awards


Navigating financial aid can be complicated, but the University of Michigan has experts to help you maximize your funding.

Office of Financial Aid - All students

Rackham Graduate School - Ph.D. students only

For more information about U-M School of Nursing funding opportunities, please email or call 734-647-3864.