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Photo of MLK

MLK Symposium and MLK Health Sciences Lecture set for Monday, Jan. 16

Jan 09, 2023

37th annual Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. SymposiumThe MLK Symposium will be held at Hill Auditorium. The 2023 symposium kicks off at 10 a.m., with a live stream available for those who cannot attend in person. The keynote address, which will have an in-person component for the first time since...

Nancy and Mike McLelland

Avid U-M supporters establish McLelland Endowed Professorship at the School of Nursing to address nursing’s role in health equity

Oct 10, 2022

The University of Michigan (U-M) School of Nursing today announced that Mike (MBA ’79) and Nancy (LSA ’75, MBA ’79) McLelland, longtime financial supporters of student scholarship at the University, have established the McLelland Endowed Professorship.

U-M School of Nursing creates Office of Health Equity and Inclusion

Feb 07, 2022

The University of Michigan School of Nursing has announced the creation of a new Office of Health Equity and Inclusion, which will be led by the school’s Chief Health and Academic Equity Officer, Rushika Patel, Ph.D.

Message to the community on the verdict in the Derek Chauvin trial

Apr 21, 2021

All of us,I’m calling out our president’s and regents’ message, which I fully endorse. No verdict can change the pain, anger, yet hope, around the trial and all it could mean for the future. We have work ahead of us, for our students and patients. They deserve the best of our energies.Patricia D....

Pride Month News and Resources

Jun 11, 2020

Pride Month is celebrated every June in tribute to those involved in the Stonewall Riots. In honor of LGBTQ+ History and Pride Month, take a few moments to explore resources and learn about the LGBTQ+ community at U-M and the School of Nursing. 

A message from School of Nursing Academic Program Leadership

A message from U-M School of Nursing academic program leadership

Jun 03, 2020

Dear U-M School of Nursing students,Many of you are deeply impacted by the recent killings of African Americans and the sense of pain and powerlessness that is being expressed across the country. This is happening as we also see increasing racial disparities in health and an anti-Asian racism that...

Dean Hurn head shot

A message from Dean Patricia Hurn

Jun 02, 2020

COVID-19 has consumed so much of our lives these last months, claiming our attention, emotions and time. I ask that you pause and look hard at the unbelievably horrible events in Minnesota and the killing of yet another African American man, George Floyd. This new horror follows hard on the heels...

Men in nursing panelists

U-M School of Nursing brings students and professionals together for a candid conversation on gender imbalance

Mar 09, 2020

On February 25, the U-M School of Nursing brought students and professionals together for “A Candid Conversation about Men in Nursing.” The panel discussion was developed by the school’s Office of Diversity Equity and Inclusion along with faculty members Kevin Joiner, Ph.D., APRN, ANP-BC and...

Welcome Dana Tschannen

UMSN names new associate dean for undergraduate studies

Aug 19, 2019

Following a vigorous search process that engaged a strong community of faculty, staff and students, Dana Tschannen, Ph.D., RN, has been named the next associate dean for undergraduate studies in the University of Michigan School of Nursing (UMSN).

Tanaka Chavanduka

Staff spotlight: From political refugee to advocate for adolescent health

Jul 23, 2019

Now a clinical research coordinator at University of Michigan School of Nursing’s Center for Sexuality and Health Disparities (CSHD), Tanaka is determined to make a positive impact on the country that gave him a safe place to thrive. He’s putting his focus on helping youth and young adults through...

Beyond #MeToo at UMSN's Summer Institute

Jun 03, 2019

The 2019 UMSN Global Summer Institute on Reproductive and Sexual Health took place on May 10-17 in a two-day conference followed by a five-day workshop.

Kathryn Parkhurst

Student spotlight: Understanding the business of health care to create change from within

May 10, 2019

Nursing students are known to have some of the busiest schedules, but University of Michigan School of Nursing (UMSN) Honors Student Kathryn Parkhurst isn’t letting that deter her from taking on extra challenges to benefit her future career and patients. She’s following an uncommon academic path by...

Celebrating Nurses Week

May 05, 2019

National Nurses Week begins each year on May 6 and ends on May 12 which is Florence Nightingale's birthday. Every year the American Nurses Association selects a theme for the week highlighting a particular aspect of nurses’ practice. For 2019, the theme is "4 million reasons to celebrate" so we...

Elizabeth Coolidge, winner of the BSN poster category

2019 Research Day: Driving nursing innovation to the forefront

Apr 11, 2019

“Nurses are in closest proximity to the problems patients face and are well positioned to deliver and implement solutions,” said Nancy P. Hanrahan, Ph.D., RN, FAAN, as she kicked off the Brouse Lecture at University of Michigan School of Nursing’s Research Day: Innovation at the interface of...

Jones served as the PhD class speaker during UMSN's 2014 commencement

Faculty impact: Driven by family and practice to improve care for African-American women

Apr 10, 2019

Lenette Jones was nearly brought to tears while practicing for her first research assignment, but it wasn’t because she was overwhelmed with the task. It was because of what her own grandmother revealed.

Fladger (2nd from right) graduating with her BSN

Student spotlight: Medvec Nursing Innovation Award goes to DNP student focused on maternal health

Mar 26, 2019

Jessica Fladger, winner of a respected University of Michigan School of Nursing (UMSN) award, is creating new opportunities to support women preparing for childbirth. This aspiration is at the forefront of her enduring calling to care for mothers and babies.“I think I was born with it,” she said. “...

Student spotlight:  From unsure about nursing to outspoken advocate

Mar 20, 2019

Andrea Matsumoto didn’t expect a graduate program to change her core professional values.“I went from the kid that sat in the back of the class, did my work and went home, to a person who feels such a responsibility to make sure nursing is seen at its best and that we’re practicing at the highest...

Student spotlight: Veteran’s promise about to be fulfilled

Feb 22, 2019

Terence Thompson made a bold choice when he was 17 years old. He got a special waiver so he could join the military as a minor and he became an Army medic. It was the quickest path to getting the hands-on medical training he wanted.

Christina Collazo

Student spotlight: On active duty in nursing school

Jan 25, 2019

Christina Collazo is determined to be one of the first Navy nurses in a new role aimed at improving health care for the children of military service members.

18 Reasons 2018 was a Great Year at UMSN

Dec 11, 2018

It's been an exciting year at the University of Michigan! In no particular order,  we're counting down 18 highlights from 2018 featuring achievements and milestones of UMSN and its community including faculty, staff and students.  18. PanaceaWe debuted our new and improved school magazine. The name...

Sheria Robinson-Lane, Lenette Jones, Jade Burns

U-M faculty join forces to address research on and by African Americans

Oct 15, 2018

University of Michigan School of Nursing (UMSN) and U-M School of Social Work (UMSSW) faculty members are coming together for a special panel discussion to highlight and discuss health disparities across the lifespan of African Americans and specialty groups within that population.

UMSN students at state capitol in Lansing

UMSN students and faculty represent U-M at statewide Advocacy Day

Oct 11, 2018

More than 250 nurse practitioners (NP) and NP/doctorate of nursing practice (DNP) students from across Michigan converged on the state capitol in Lansing for Advocacy Day.

UMSN Systems, Populations and Leadership names new department chair

Jun 29, 2018

The University of Michigan School of Nursing (UMSN) announced Professor Rob Stephenson, MSc, Ph.D., will become chair of its Systems, Populations and Leadership (SPL) department effective July 1, 2018.

Dean Hurn presented Leech with UMSN's Teacher of the Year award at commencement

Faculty impact: An unconventional path to UMSN’s Teacher of the Year award

May 24, 2018

Christine “Tina” Leech is a spirited example of making the most of unexpected opportunities through hard work and a willingness to step out of her comfort zone. Higher education was not a priority while she was growing up, but that didn’t stop her from building a distinguished military and academic...

Yasamin Kusunoki at SafeHouse Center

Faculty impact: A champion for women and reproductive justice

Apr 27, 2018

Yasamin Kusunoki was a young girl growing up in California when she made an observation that stayed with her.“I saw the power dynamics between boys and girls and that didn’t sit well with me,” she explained. “I come from a family of strong women, so whether it was on the playground or in a...

Yasamin Kusunoki at SafeHouse Center

Strengthening trauma-informed care and services for survivors

Apr 20, 2018

Survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault who make it to SafeHouse Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan, are a step closer to healing and reclaiming their lives, but that doesn’t mean the trauma of their experiences has gone away or that the road ahead will be an easy one.Reactions to trauma may...

Student spotlight: A focus on healing after sexual assault and childhood trauma

Apr 06, 2018

Every 98 seconds, someone in America is sexually assaulted. On college campuses across the country, the risk of being assaulted is even higher.

Kuzma checking the knee of a patient

Faculty Impact: An advocate for adolescents through practice and beyond

Mar 14, 2018

 “Some of these kids get mislabeled as bad kids, but they are usually just kids who have had bad things happen to them, and it’s often because of the adults in their lives.”

Puerto Rican pride: Ties to cultural home encourage UMSN student to give back, and stay strong

Mar 07, 2018

Nathaniel Mercado had just begun his first year at the University of Michigan School of Nursing when Hurricane Maria hit his family’s homeland, Puerto Rico, on September 20, 2017. Maria was one of the most destructive storms the island has ever seen. He had been visiting family the month before,...

Focus on rural women and the opioid epidemic: Aspiring midwife sees need for nonjudgmental support

Mar 01, 2018

In the home stretch of her third and final year in the Nurse Midwifery MSN program, Alisha Marchand is excited to provide the kind of care she sees as lacking in her local area.A labor and delivery nurse for Promedica Monroe Regional Hospital in Monroe, Michigan (pop. 26,470), she has seen the...

UMSN announces DEI Activities Seed Funding

Jan 24, 2018

The University of Michigan School of Nursing has just announced the opportunity for faculty, students and staff to apply for funding of up to $300 to support diversity, equity, and inclusion activities in courses and co-curricular activities.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Symposium. The fierce urgency of now.

2018 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Symposium

Jan 10, 2018

Get involved in one of the largest university celebrations honoring the life and work of Dr. King. Here is a sampling of activities on and around campus. Please note that UMSN will host a stream of the keynote speech at 10am and the Health Sciences lecture at 12pm. Both will be held in 1330, 400...

Brave spaces at the University of Michigan School of Nursing

Dec 06, 2017

The University of Michigan School of Nursing recently unveiled a set of educational materials designed to encourage productive, challenging conversations among the school community. Designed to be used both in the classroom and in office settings, or even just among friends, “Creating Brave Spaces...

Faculty Impact: A midwife with a global perspective and passion for women's health

Oct 16, 2017

Ruth Zielinski was just eight-years-old when she found her calling but that didn’t mean her education and career path would be seamless.

Six UMSN students receive CEW scholarships

Oct 05, 2017

Six University of Michigan School of Nursing (UMSN) graduate students have received scholarships from the Center for the Education of Women (CEW) this academic year. These competitive scholarships are awarded for academic performance and potential, and are reserved for those who have had an...

Alumna serves working class communities through occupational health

Aug 16, 2017

The first in her family to go to college, Ariana Spiewak, MSN, FNP-C, knew she wanted a career that let her engage with working class populations. A recent alumna (MSN 2017) from the University of Michigan School of Nursing (UMSN) primary care family nurse practitioner program with a concentration...

Nurses sitting around a table

Faculty impact: An advocate for teens, an adversary of human trafficking

Aug 02, 2017

Michelle Pardee’s career is not what she envisioned as an undergraduate student at the University of Michigan School of Nursing (UMSN) nearly 30 years ago.

UMSN students carry out hands-on research on trauma-informed care

Jul 27, 2017

University of Michigan School of Nursing (UMSN) students are working on a unique research project: analyzing how trauma-informed care is taught at the School of Nursing in clinical and didactic settings.

Coleman-Burns quote saying, " “This generation has the opportunity to be in the midst of a struggle. Today's kids have a strong sense that it is up to them to make the world better. They are more open, without the baggage of past generations, but may also have blinders to historical gains."

Long-time UMSN faculty member creates change through community

May 16, 2017

Twenty-five years deep at the University of Michigan School of Nursing (UMSN), Dr. Patricia Coleman-Burns, or “PCB” as she is affectionately known to students, continues to create community. This year, she has been recognized with the 2017 Harold R. Johnson Diversity Service Lifetime Achievement...