Diversity, equity and inclusion

The University of Michigan School of Nursing is a diverse community. We believe that everyone's education is enriched when varying viewpoints and backgrounds are engaged. 

We are a community that is built from diversity. We believe that diversity, the presence of difference, must be joined with equity, the parity of difference, and inclusion, an open welcome to difference. We are not excellent if we do not reflect diversity, equity and inclusion in all aspects of our community. 

U-M Admissions statement on free speech and admissions

We value the rights of our incoming students to exercise their voices. We support our students who engage in lawful protests and use their voices to speak out against racism. Freedom of speech is a bedrock principle of our community and your admission to U-M is not jeopardized by your participation in lawful protests or exercising your constitutional rights. 

Programs and events

Find out how to get involved. View a list of DEI events

DEI Funding Opportunities

  • Nursing DEI Activities Seed Funding - DEI activities funds of up to $300 are available to faculty, students and staff for further supporting diversity, equity and inclusion in courses and co-curricular activities. See link above for details and application procedure. 
  • U-M School of Nursing Gateways 21st Century Fellowship Program - The fellowship is an opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students to explore critical issues and their relationship with the intersection of ability, citizenship, class, cultural geography, gender, race and/or sexual identity.