Healthcare Innovation Impact Program (HiiP)

Healthcare Innovation Impact Program

Healthcare Innovation Impact Program (HiiP) is a suite of health care innovation support and engagement services at the U-M School of Nursing dedicated to empowering nursing innovation to create impactful improvement in health care delivery.

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What we are:

Comprehensive professional support, propelling health care innovations and advancing health for all.

What we do:


Consults with/for innovators on:

  • Expert business analyses (e.g., competitive, pricing, target markets, etc.)
  • Brainstorming what’s possible for their idea.
  • Business plan pathway to market introduction...and more.


Coaches innovators:

  • From “I have an idea” to “getting it out there” and beyond.
  • Participates with them in meetings with resources (e.g., Tech Transfer) through their innovation pathway.
  • Meets with innovators (as often as needed) to support idea progression.


Connects innovators to:

  • Collaborative partners to help further innovation along.
  • Other resources/support across U-M Innovation Ecosystem.
  • Resources/funding external to U-M.




What makes us different:

Our innovations

  • Don’t have to be a medical app, device or technology.
  • Don’t need to be screened for inclusion in program.
  • Don’t have to be commercially viable.
  • Do have to have impact.
  • Interventions, programs, processes and other products are all welcome.

Our coaching model

  • Meet innovators where they are.
  • Walk entire journey with them, as they desire.
  • Put them in the driver's seat.

Breadth of services

  • From ideation to execution into marketplace...and beyond!

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Contact Us

 Olga Yakusheva, Ph.D.
Director of Innovation
(sabbatical leave 2021-2022)

Margaret Calarco, Ph.D., RN, NEA-BC
Interim Director of Innovation

Ann Fitzsimons
Innovation Portfolio Manager & Engagement Specialist



Comprehensive professional support.
Propelling health care innovations.
Advancing health for all.