Advancing a Culture of Innovation

U-M School of Nursing Innovation “Defined”

HiiP is working to further a “Culture of Innovation” at the U-M School of Nursing for both faculty and students through a broad, inclusive definition of what it is, or can be.

Nursing Innovation is/are:

  • Products, services, programs, and/or processes; Interventions are/can be innovations.
  • Does NOT have to be a medical device, app or some medical technology.
  • An “act or service that can be made available to people that can improve or save lives.”
  • Could be as simple as a nursing “workaround” at the bedside.
  • May or may not be commercially-viable, and does not need to make a profit to have value.
  • Impactful in some big or small way; for the “public good.”
  • Ideally sustainable and scalable.
  • Inclusive of all faculty/ researchers/students in the School of Nursing.